Mind-filled Meditation:
The Whisperings of an Awakening Soul
E-book, Audio book

  • Mind-filled Meditation

Mind-filled Meditation:
The Whisperings of an Awakening Soul
E-book, Audio book


by Patricia & Stanley Walsh

Mind-filled Meditation, The Whisperings of an Awakening Soul is a collection of intuitive writings offered from a perspective of the reader speaking to themselves. The arrangement of chapters and its content mirrors the process of growth and development on the physical and spiritual levels.

Mental, Emotional and Spiritual; Attitudes and Actions are the major sections of this work. These three areas outline the physical process of acknowledgment, surrender and dominion, the mental process of participation, acceptance and willingness and the spiritual process of prayer, balance and identification of the soul in the process of developing a creative consciousness.

31 pages

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Product Description

Its content can be read from beginning to end, offering gentle instruction and guidance toward consciously creating. Or it can be read in any order since each concept stands totally on its own.

The intent is as individuals read these concepts that they hear them as the whisperings of their own soul to awaken themselves. The goal is to trigger the sleeping insights and awareness within each who reads these pages.

Mental Actions and Attitudes
Acknowledgment – Surrender – Dominion

The greatest force and source for creation is acknowledgment, surrender and dominion. Your reality today is your focus on the potentiality within you.

The three attitudes that allow you to move into creative consciousness are: Acknowledgment, Surrender, Dominion, and the three attitudes that hinder that consciousness are Denial, Alienation, and Powerlessness.

Emotional Actions and Attitudes
Participation – Acceptance – Willingness

The awakening of humanity is as sure as the rising of the sun in the eastern horizon; yet, one must choose to participate, to accept, and be willing to experience that awakening.

One needs only to accept this shift and be willing to participate, and be willing to flow with the rising waters of human consciousness.

Spiritual Actions and Attitudes
Prayer – Balance – Soul

You know you are in the creative consciousness when your life is in harmony and balance, and you are manifesting your soul’s desires.

To immerse oneself in prayer soothes the soul, balances the body
And frees the mind.


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