Are apparitions real? Yes. Each with its own meaning and method to reach those intended in a way that will be understood for the betterment of those who will listen.

Everything is an expression of consciousness. We are an energetic expression of consciousness. All expression of consciousness exist simultaneously in all forms of its existence. Consciousness will sometimes choose messengers that have or will exist in physical form to get attention or to make an impact. We might say to “be dramatic.”

Now apparitions truly exists, but it is a perception in the mind of the one who is having the vision. Yes, there are times where vast multitudes see the apparition or some evidence of it, but the vehicle is the one who perceives it.

Perhaps you have noticed that often it is a simple child or peasant who is graced with this experience. Seldom kings or pontiffs, because simpler minds are open and uncluttered and in the simplicity of their soul they are able to see—as are you and others when they become like the child. Visionaries have no agenda, no preconceived notion; yet, they are representative of the highest consciousness of all creation—one that can perceive God.