Perhaps you have heard the statement that if you can ask the question you then already know the answer — the question is the answer. At first glance this could be seen as counterintuitive and begging the question, “Then why ask in the first place?” A redefinition of what a question actually is offers the best place to start to understand this seeming dichotomy. When the act of questioning is seen as a process of comprehension rather than discovery you will understand this truth of consciousness. In actuality, to question is you pointing at the horizon of your awareness asking, “What’s that?”

Therefore, a question is not about the unknown but rather the present yet to be understood in your life.

It is consciousness that creates awareness, and questioning that creates comprehension, of what your consciousness has made you aware of. As a result, discovery is an act of consciousness, while questioning is an invitation to integrate what your consciousness has discovered. A question is a doorway to discovery—not the source of it.

Not to question is to deny the comprehension of what consciousness is creating in your life.
To question is to participate in the creative process of consciousness.

Questioning also creates ownership of what you are creating. Your questions are signposts indicating the direction you have chosen to travel. If you are not liking the questions occurring to you, perhaps it is an opportunity to alter your intent.

So do you change the question to change your consciousness?

Let us answer this way, if you have changed the question, you have already changed your consciousness.