What is a miracle?

What does it look like?

Is it always wondrous? Or perhaps mundane?

Is it possible to be missed? Or perhaps not even accepted?

In a religious context, a miracle is a direct intervention into the physical plane of existence by the divine, most often altering natural law and precipitating events that are created from no known cause or effect.

In the context in which we wish to speak, a miracle is an intervention by consciousness into the illusion created by humanity’s thinking.

From a human perspective, there are agreed upon laws of nature, such as cause and effect, birth and death. The laws of nature seem immutable and unchangeable. These laws offer order and security, providing a balanced, harmonious and assistive environment to those who dwell in the consciousness of physicality. Yet all of the known laws of nature are born from a source beyond itself, the creator can change the creation, it can intervene.

In a perfect consciousness, the laws of nature perfectly provide for the wellbeing of its inhabitants. The negative ego consciousness of humanity has skewed that perfect perception, altering time and space, dominion and authority in one’s life.

A miracle is an intervention of consciousness to realign the reality in which one dwells into the truth in which one resides. For example, if one were to break a bone, they would marvel at the body’s ability in six or eight weeks to heal the fracture—when in the reality of the laws of nature, one could instantaneously be healed. The laws of nature are indeed true and divine, but humanity’s consciousness has a limited awareness of the true breadth and scope of the laws of nature.

A miracle is an intervention, a tear in the veil of consciousness, to align humanity’s consciousness with the true laws of the universe.

An additional example, would you not consider birth and death to be a law of nature? How then can someone rise from the dead? The laws of nature, like the dimensions and consciousness, are holographic. It is the perspective from which one observes and the consciousness in which they dwell is the reality they perceive.

So miracles are an intervention to shift one’s consciousness, to alter the reality which they perceive. To fully understand the laws of nature and the availability of miracles takes one’s willingness to suspend the belief of cause and effect, beginning and end. There are laws of nature on your planet which do not, or could not, apply in another part of the universe. But each is true and assistive to those who reside there.

A miracle is the acceptance of the awareness that the reality in which you dwell is not the only reality that exists. And your acceptance is that acknowledgement.

Is a miracle a passive or an active event in one’s life?

A miracle is when one consciously or unconsciously suspends their belief in that which they perceive. It is a gift from the soul to the soul to awaken humanity to a greater awareness of themselves. A miracle is both the source and the creation. It is the receiver and the giver. A miracle reveals itself when consciousness and divinity merge as one. If you’ve ever experienced a miracle, if you have ever spoken to someone who has had a miracle, they feel inseparable from the divine.

There are miracles all around you happening every day from the minute to the magnificent. A tap upon the shoulder of your consciousness to remember there is more than you perceive there to be.