Everything receives, produces, and emanates a vibratory frequency. Each unique vibratory frequency creates a specific manifestation in the physical plane of existence. This energetic cycle between the elements of creation produces the signature resonance of the “Ohm”. If you think of these vibratory frequencies as an orchestra playing a symphony, you would have an indication of how the individual aspects of existence contribute to manifesting the greater whole.

An individual note and specific resonant vibration of creation, in and of itself, is perfect; yet, not all combinations of music are harmonious—some, in fact, are very dissonant. The same it true with the elements of creation. Though perfect in and of themselves, certain combinations of creation are more harmonious than others, but do not, we repeat, do not infer that discord or dissonance is, therefore, negative. The harmonics of the universe are a functional issue—not a judgment of good or bad, right or wrong. All creation does, indeed, sing, but the song is not a solitary note. It is a melodious combination of creation and thought, possibility and potential, realization and release.

You are the listening ear of creation singing to itself.

harmonicsThis symphony of energy is in no way a limitation to the creative abilities of the human consciousness; rather, the wise man knows when to plant and when to harvest. The harmonics of the universe are evidence that there is order within the universe, within the ever-expanding aspects of creation. Humanity does well to listen to the song that the universe is singing and to respond accordingly, remembering that every aspect of creation is for the sole purpose of the creation returning to the creator.

It is not your job to create the music, but it is yours to sing the song. The harmonics of convergence exists when all aspects of existence are in alignment with the vibration the universe is resonating. The shifting of the age is one of those moments when the alignment of creation and the resonant song of the creator reaches a critical mass to the degree that it propels the universe forward in one great leap of consciousness. The universe is generous with these moments in time. There are great convergences and small convergences, there is not a day, a year, a millennium or an eon that passes that the universe does not harmonize itself with. All that exists and opportunities for growth are available to you.

Listen to the music being played by All That Is,

Tap your foot, hum the tune, sing the song, and you will attain all that you aspire to. You might ask, “How do I hear it? How will I know what music is being played or what song to sing?” Your soul is the ears to this energy and your physical existence is the voice that sings the song of All That Is.

To reiterate, each note is perfect in and of itself, everything that exists is perfect in and of itself; yet, certain combinations of notes are more harmonious than others. Dissonance is not negative; yet, the universe always creates in harmony. Therefore, if there is discord, confusion or chaos in your life, you are not in step or in tune with the melody being played in your part of the universe, in your neighborhood of creation.

Your soul is always in harmony with the song of All That Is, and when the inner expression of music is in alignment with the outward expression of existence, you have the harmonic convergence.

Harmonic convergence creates mastery, and this is an age to be master of one’s own creation and destiny. Therein lies the answer to a synchronistic and grace-filled life.