Most of humanity chooses a career to create an income and utilize their skills and abilities in a useful and beneficial way. The path of the soul is often misinterpreted as one’s career; yet, the two are not necessarily separate. The optimum hope is that one’s career is intertwined with the path of the soul. When an individual chooses to intentionally dedicate their activities to their path, one’s career promotes that purpose. The commonality between one’s career and the path of their soul is the aptitudes which is shared by both one’s career choices and the path of the soul.

Participation in the path of the soul is a powerful expression of one’s willingness to both dwell in and be of assistance to the world in which they live. An error often made is the belief that the path of the soul must be some profound journey or have some noticeable universal impact upon humankind. Yes, there are those, like the face of the clock, whose actions are visible to many; yet, if it was not for all the intricate, minute parts that perform their task hidden beneath the surface what you can see of the clock would be useless.

Therefore, whatever you are called to do, do it well. Whatever tasks you are asked to perform, do so knowing that they contribute to the greater good of all. Be willing to be the hidden piece behind the scenes that makes all things possible. To deny each moment, disregard each act eliminates the possibility and the potential of moving your world into the consciousness of God.

The simplest of acts may be the most profound. The lowliest of tasks may be the most important. Be the silent, secret servant to the greater consciousness of good, and you will participate in and outwardly express the consciousness of God in physical form.

Your brother, Jesus, spoke that if you have but the faith of a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, “cast yourself into the sea,” and it shall be so. It is just as significant, just as profound and just as important to humanity if that event occurs by the mountain leaping into the sea, by gathering a community of people to carry it away, or if you take the lowly teaspoon, and spoonful by spoonful move it to the sea.

Hold the highest good, seek the greatest result; yet, in that process, do not deny the value or the importance of the lowliest of tasks. For even the greatest mountain is made out of grains of sand. The awakening of humanity occurs moment by moment with each task done in love. You are called to be great in the simplest of matters, and the lowliest of actions are the foundation upon which the new world is built.

Celebrate the simplicity of your life and the profoundness of the result. With intention, never question, with purpose never doubt the power of your soul in physical form.