We wish to redefine the definition of New Thought. There has been much discussion and talk over the recent decades of the New Thought movement, the metaphysical meaning of existence. We certainly understand the concept and intent of these words, but as humanity moves into the season of harvesting consciousness at the change of the age, it is worth revisiting these definitions.

We have noted that those terms, as any religious or philosophical tags, tend to alienate and separate individuals both in philosophy and practical application. We understand that you are looking to define the obvious increase in spiritual information that is being infused into the planet. We understand that you are aware that there is a shift occurring; even your holy writings speak of a new heaven and a new earth.

The purpose of this discussion is not to eliminate the words, New Thought, from your vocabulary but to understand them more fully.

In reality there is no such thing as New Thought, figuratively speaking; the concepts now coming to conscious awareness have existed since the foundation of creation. There is no such thing as metaphysics where there is something beyond the physical. You may think we are getting caught up in word usage, but it is important in the processes that you are and will be involved in, that you are clear in what you are experiencing has always been present. A treasure revealed beneath your feet does not mean it did not exist before you found it. The shift in consciousness occurring on the planet is but the natural, evolutionary expression of a truth that you have been awakened to.

New ThoughtNo one can escape, even if they wish to–this evolutionary phase in consciousness, but how they respond will have an affect upon how they will participate in it. The old paradigms are breaking down and individuals are being tested and even threatened by a new set of parameters and standards by which to exist and maneuver in the physical world.

Our point here is to bring forward the naturalness of this process rather than something that is being injected. It is the natural maturation process of human consciousness.

At what point does a child become an adult? A girl, a woman? A boy, a man? It is not some defined line. It is a gradual, intentional, purposeful process to a specific goal. The same gradual growth process is true from physical expression to spiritual awareness. Do you tell a child that their adulthood is beyond the physical?

Just as you instruct a child that the seeds of their adulthood are found in the days of their childhood, we instruct you to discover your spiritual nature in your physical lives.

Now is a wonderful opportunity to harvest the seeds of your consciousness; yet, what seeds have you planted? And this time before the change of the age is an opportunity to separate the wheat from the chaff. The challenges individuals are facing at this time, and they are numerous, offer the conscious opportunity to choose to plant a different seed to be harvested in the next phase of human development. That is why there is as much chaos and confusion. That is why there is predicted a tribulation prior to this ascent in consciousness. Surely not as a punishment but as an opportunity to choose again the harvest you wish to reap. In many of your spiritual writings they speak of a Last Judgment, certainly in an attempt to create fear and therefore compliance to certain spiritual principles.

In reality, the judgment is not of oneself, for one should never judge, but rather it is discernment, the last discernment of your actions, your thoughts and your behaviors.

butterflyThis is a grand opportunity. We of the universe are excited for you as we in our own dimension participate in a similar process. This phase of existence is an opportunity to truly reach across
the dimensional boundaries and physically manifest your life into physical form. Let your thoughts be of paradise, and paradise it will be.

The harvest is ripe and ready for picking, and you have the glorious opportunity to create paradise. For just as the caterpillar becomes the butterfly and the sprout the flower, destinies are not beyond the physical. Experiences are the evolutionary process of development, not an addition to it. This process is often referred to as an awakening. An awakening indicates a revelation from within rather than an imposition from without.

Everything that you will be in the New Age, as you call it, you already are. For within the child is the adult. Within the acorn is the tree. Within the soul is God.

And all is, indeed, well in your world.