“Should old acquaintance be forgot” is a line to a popular song played on New Year’s Eve.

There is much discussion in spiritual circles and instruction in spiritual teachings to focus on the present—that all power is in the present, all possibility is in the present, and the past and the future do not exist. In essence that is true; yet, the concept wishing to be conveyed is often misinterpreted. In truth, you have only and will only exist in the present; it is the place of your perception; it is the place of your power. You exist nowhere else; yet, the past and the present also exist in this moment.

Immediately we can sense many readers cringing at the thought that their past exists in the present moment—rather than a negative circumstance–it is a positive situation—the present allows the past to be healed and the future to be created. It is a difficult translation for the human psyche to be instructed to live in an eternal present while listening to the clock ticking on the mantle. So as you reach the close of another year, it is appropriate to honor times past and lessons learned, and to anticipate a bright future filled with your goals and your dreams.

When you remain in the present moment, be it temporally or in eternity, nothing in your past can hurt or hinder you, and nothing in your future cannot be attained. Your present moment is a smorgasbord of opportunities, lessons and experiences. You are the master who creates the recipe of your life. It is in the understanding and embracing of all that you have and will experience that you are powerful in the present moment. For, in the present moment, there is nothing outside of yourself, and as we have stated many times before, that which has been incorporated into yourself can neither harm nor hurt you.

So, as the mother hen gathers her chicks for the evening, gather the chicks of your past experiences and your future dreams—and stand in the present moment, eternal and powerful.

We wish you a blessed New Year as you continue your journey.