To use the term “creative consciousness” is almost redundant; for, to be creative one must be conscious—and to be conscious one is creative.

Consciousness is a dynamic state, never at rest. Yes, stilling the mind allows you to hear that consciousness more clearly, but the mind is not consciousness nor the domain of it. Physical thought is not the source of consciousness but a vehicle to channel its creative force.

Consciousness swirls within your being waiting to be expressed. Though always in movement, it never tires, constantly creating yet never depleted; it awaits your command.

How do you harness this dynamo of creativity? Can it be controlled or directed if unleashed? Be assured that you will not release a beast that will devour you; for this dynamic force within you does not need to be tamed but rather trained by your thoughts to express creatively in your life. Creative consciousness is pure potential waiting for your focus and intent to direct it.

What if you choose not to focus at all? That in and of itself is a focused thought that creates. You are always creating. You cannot flee from that fact or abdicate your responsibilities for your creations. Most of humanity’s mis-creations are due to either neglect of the creative consciousness or distracting thoughts that disempower the creative mandates of your mind.

In actuality, you cannot mis-create. Though creative consciousness is the most powerful force in the universe that it created, it is totally subservient to the commands of your thoughts. Creative consciousness is the force and source of all creation, but you are the architect upon which it builds your world.

Perhaps a better understanding of what creative consciousness encapsulates would be if it was thought of as being consciously creative. So make a commitment to be consciously creative in your life and harness the creative consciousness within you, and all things you desire will be given to you.