Prejudice is a cancer that eats at the very core of self-awareness and identity.

Prejudice is the child of the concept of separation and the energy of the negative ego consciousness. It is condemnation and degradation of another because they are seen as different.

The more one separates themselves from another, the greater the isolation and self-condemnation becomes. How bland a world if every flower looked the same, the same fragrance, the same number of petals and the same hue. How bland the world would be if in each species there was only one family. Your physical plane of existence is a celebration of differentiation working in unison for the common good of all.

Humanity’s judgement, condemnation, and ostracism is a stain on the fabric of creation.

To deny another their right to exist condemns yourself to non-existence. Prejudice is insidious and spreads like cancer throughout the human consciousness. Prejudice and its condemnation of others minimizes one’s own existence.

Prejudice is a toxic mix of judgement, the concept of separation and, the worst of all, disavowing that an aspect of creation is not good or less than oneself. All creation has a right to exist. All creation was chosen by a greater mind than your human ego consciousness. To place yourself in judgement of another is to worship a false god.

And prejudice is an accurate meter to the degree to which one does not, cannot or will not honor or respect oneself. For what you give or deny another is what you give or deny yourself. The curse you place upon another is the blessing you will receive.

Humanity is slowly, tediously, sometimes begrudgingly moving towards a greater recognition of the unity of all that exists.

Take a moment in your day and stop and determine where your prejudices are, for all of humanity has them, and it is a silent enemy that steals the gifts from you. For if you are prejudice that an individual is a different ethnic background, sexual preference, race or creed, you steal that freedom from yourself. If you are prejudice against the rich, you will be poor. If you are prejudice against another individual, you are imprisoned.

We give you this concept not for self-judgement for that is truly the seed of all prejudice.

But to take an honest inventory of all that you encounter and acknowledge its right and useful place in the process of creation. The one who is prejudice is the loneliest of all individuals for they have multiplied ten-fold the concept of alienation and separation and have imprisoned themselves into an ever-shrinking world.

As mentioned, the seed of all prejudice is born from insecurity and inadequacy of one’s perception of themselves. You only lift yourself up if you perceive yourself lesser than those around you. That is an important concept for when one stands truly and fully in the recognition of their rightful, divine state in human existence, they not only need not despise another but their only thought of them would be to embrace them.

In this phase of the clash of human consciousness, the negative ego will seek to reinforce the concept of separation creating prejudice and judgement.

Do not participate; for, this is a time when one needs to welcome the differentiation in the aspects of creation in order to embrace it fully and completely.

Let your garden be full of fragrances and a myriad of colors for paradise is the combination and accentuation of everything that exists in perfect harmony and unison.