Humanity is a communal being. Individuals thrive in the midst of others. Humanity innately desires for union with each other, be it in the marital relationship, the family, with those in their community, and perhaps even allegiance and alignment with their country.

When humanity unites for a common purpose, be it for the better or worse of the collective whole, one plus one is greater than two. There is, indeed a longing, a deep inner desire for that connection with another. It is in that connection that there is support, guidance and teaching.

The individual expands their own self-identify, ironically, when they have a deep awareness and participation in community. Think about those with whom you interact. Those that support you. Those that nurture you. Those that challenge you. Perhaps those who are a catalyst to move you to expand beyond the horizons of your desires.

When one is sad, they often wish to speak to another. When one is happy, one wishes to share it with another. All the positive attributes of humanity are expanded when individuals come together in true community with the sole purpose of the highest good of all involved. It is a reuniting with the consciousness of the whole, and expansion of the depth and breadth of who you are. It is the expression of the love of All That Is. It is the vehicle of assistance that all in the universe are called to do, to participate in.

You are teacher and student to each other.

You are the guide and the one who follows for all of the universe exists for the purpose of assistance to itself. The creator and the creation, one in union, inseparable, united in the common purpose of well-being.

Each of you who read this can relate to what we have just spoken. Those friends and relatives to whom your life is more enriched and fulfilled because they exist in your reality. All that we have just said is to set the framework for the concept we wish to share.

If there were those in your family who loved and supported you, nurtured and guided you, you would not ignore them, you would wish to be with them, you would wish to communicate with them, you would wish to thank them. Humanity and the individuals that compose humanity often fail to recognize the community that loves them and assists them, nurtures them and guides them from the realms. So often that which is not vividly heard or seen is forgotten and ignored.

But one lives half a life when one does not commune, connect and interact with those who are their guides and teachers beyond the physical realm of existence.

One might say how do we interact with these unseen forces? How do we know how to find them and how do we know when they are talking to us? The reality is a good teacher. A good guide will always speak to you in the language you understand. Do not look for apparitions, though apparitions are possible–even probable. Do not expect a booming voice from the clouds–although that, too, shall come to pass.

How do you know someone loves you? How do you know someone cares? It is an innate, inner knowingness?

If you would just allow yourselves to listen, to look, you would feel our presence. Your guides stand by your side.

The entirety of the realms are in assistance to you. There are those assigned to you. You do not allow your children to take a field trip without chaperones. Why would we, the parents of your consciousness, send you off without those to assist and protect you?

communityWe began this concept with the sole purpose of beginning to open your eyes, your ears and your mind to the presence of those who have come to assist you. Whoever you perceive your guides to be — be it a guardian angel, a departed loved one, a spiritual prophet — ask, talk to them, talk to them as you would a dear friend. One who will never fail you. One who has infinite perception and perspective. If you call upon your guides or your guardians, they will answer. Don’t stand alone, there’s no reason to.

And we have spoken all this for you to call upon the greatest force and source that the universe has ever known which is yourself. Call upon your soul. It is an error in thinking to believe that your soul is vulnerable to your self-inflicted insults and errors. Your soul cannot be a victim. Misdeeds and actions out of alignment with the consciousness of the oneness of All That Is can affect conscious awareness, but the soul is the soul. It is your greatest ally. Religions for purposes of control and fear have made the soul a whipping boy to keep you in line, inflicting you with the fear of eternal damnation.

The soul is the soul, and the soul is God, the spark of divine intelligence that expresses as you.

You do not need to save your soul, rather call upon your soul. Name your soul, listen, you will know its name for there is no name like it in the universe, born of the primordial energies of creation expressing as God in this plane of existence. You are not alone. Call upon your soul; your soul exists as the fertile ground for the development of your individual consciousness. Your soul is the protector of your consciousness. Your soul cannot be diminished, it is all powerful in your life. Call it forth into your reality, make your soul the predominant expression of your

So, dear friends, dear children of the light, we share this in hopes of comforting you and reminding you that there is a community of those who are personally involved in your lives that are there to care for you, to love you, to nurture you.

Look for them and you will see them.
Listen for them and you will hear them.
Speak to them and they will answer.
Ask and you shall receive.

For you are not orphans but members of a family that will never forsake you, never abandon you. For the universe is holographic in its existence and you will find not only those who are your brethren but you, yourself, in assistance. For you are The One Mind and The One Thought, and you have come to take you home.