Humanity is like a fish out of water or a bird that is unaware of the air when it comes to the awareness of Spirit in the Universe. When the bird understands the dynamics of air, and the fish the properties of water, they are able to maneuver in their environment and excel. Humanity on the other hand often times stumbles its way through its environment seemingly distracted or uninterested in understanding its properties.

In the grand scheme of things, how does individual perception play a role or does it? Is it a creation and a property of the oneness of All That Is—or is it an artificial construct of humanity in order to maneuver and survive the physical plane of existence? Machinery is made up of pieces. A clock’s spring is unique and its hands different. The human body has fingers and toes, legs and arms, hands and feet, they are uniquely different—yet, they are One. Be it the parts of a clock or the parts of the body, they are interrelated and connected by a common whole. So it is with the universe. So it is with All That Is.

Oneness is the interconnectivity of the Universe. So it is with All That Is.

The clock is not complete nor does it function well with pieces missing. The body, though it may survive with some parts removed, would not be complete or whole—and the whole body is affected.

In understanding the Oneness of All that Is, the whole must be understood.

Oneness does not mean the same. Oneness means you are incomplete and not whole until you are joined with all the other aspects of yourself.

The mouth may pridefully speak and say that it is the master, for it can proclaim the thoughts of the mind. But without the hands or the legs it could not receive food and it would die. There is not one aspect, not one element of the Oneness of All that Is that is not essential.

EVERYTHING in your reality is essential for you to express the Oneness of All That Is; otherwise, it wouldn’t exist.

The Universe is not in competition with its elements. There are no frivolous creations in this Universe, there is no fluff, everything is an integral part and absolutely necessary for the full expression of the Oneness of All That Is. For everything that exists, the intent is to be an expression of the Universe. Creation is the image of Consciousness. It is the expression of All That Is. Nothing is frivolous. The weed in the yard, the pebble on the path, the tornado that rumbles through the landscape are all expressions and exist for the sole purpose of expressing that Oneness of All That Is.

The peak, the pinnacle, the apex is that you all share that same Consciousness.