There is much talk what events will occur upon your planet in 2012, the end of the Mayan Calendar. Even your entertainment industry has grabbed a hold of the “buzz” and has created a virtual end of the world. Obviously, the Hopi and Mayan calendars and prophesies are beginning to loom on the horizon of humanity’s consciousness, much like the shift of the millennia and the Y2K controversy and scare of the past.

If one was to be an astute student of the prophesies of the coming age, they would see that they herald more of a beginning than an end. Yet with every beginning there is an ending. It is the cycle throughout nature and human history.

Change is inevitable and, hopefully, growth is a partner in that shift.

Your planet is always in movement. The earth changes that are predicted are part of the natural and ordinary events of any celestial body. There are, have been and will be times of more dynamic and perhaps catastrophic shifts in the environment. Humanity must remind itself that it is a species of creation and is not separate from the kingdoms and the laws that govern them. When humanity understands its place in the grand scheme of things, it will be better able to adapt and transform with the ever-shifting face of the earth.

Catastrophic changes and spiritual enlightenment do not necessarily go hand-in-hand, but often times there is an upsurge in spiritual growth when humanity is challenged on the physical plane. Otherwise spirituality is often the orphaned child of human consciousness.

Change is always fearful to humanity; for, they perceive it to be unknown rather than the emergence of their own desires.

We assure you that all that occurs in the natural progression of events is for the highest good and development of all in creation. “Civilized” humanity could learn from the indigenous peoples who have developed an ability to adapt, listen to and respond to their planet. This will occur when participation in the evolutionary process of awakening upon this planet is greater importance than financial structure, governmental control and religious bias.

Yes, the earth will shake, winds will blow, structures will topple, financial systems will fail, governments disappear and religions no longer offer hope. It is all part of an attempt to awaken humanity to a deeper meaning of its existence.

Will the end of the world come in 2012? No.

But in 2012 there will be the dawn of a new age and humanity, in its arrogance and its stubbornness, will fight the dawning light to remain in the darkness of their beliefs. It has always been so and will be again that there is a portion of those who exist upon the planet who forget that their true identity is aligned with spirit.

Are the upcoming shifts and changes to be feared? No.

They are only to be feared if you are unwilling to let go. Will there be dynamic shifts, culturally, governmentally and spiritually? Yes, but all for the good of humanity.

Will there be a day of ascent for humanity when one rises above the fray of human consciousness, where their soul soars into enlightenment? Yes.

Our counsel to you is to become uninvested in that which is not eternal. That does not mean neglecting that which you have stewardship over. But when the forces of nature and the power of creation asks you to return that which it has given to you, that you graciously let it go. If one would free the chains of human structures, they would rise up like the phoenix from the ashes of the negative ego consciousness.

Human consciousness is aware on a deep level that change is occurring.

It is like an individual knowing that a job is going to end, that a move is going to occur, it’s in the back of their mind. It is in the back of humanity’s mind that they must begin to let go. The transition in consciousness can be as difficult or as easy as one desires it to be for the universe wishes no harm. But, the universe will not succumb to or idly stand by humanity’s insistence not to grow.

2012This is a blessed time. It is a time that you have chosen to be here. To lay down the past, to dust the chaff from your lives and don a new state of being, and there will, indeed, be a new heaven and a new earth.

Trust that all is well in your world, but all in your world does not mean that there will not be shifts and changes.

One becomes unafraid of change when they more fully understand the truth that they eternally exist. For humanity to stay where they are in consciousness would be like living in a mansion but only utilizing one room. When you move from room to room you do not lose where you have been, when you shift in Consciousness you will always be what you have already learned.

The Hopi and Mayan calendar and prophesies were not a threat, dear ones; it was a promise of a better day.