Expanding Universe, Expanding You

Let us walk you through a concept. There is a statement, should we say, “theory of a big bang.” What was the causal force of this momentous event?

The catalyst for this event which created the big bang was the first dimensional, the Eternal Here.

As soon as consciousness exploded it created space which creates the now, the second, the Eternal Now. Time is a spatial concept. When you observe the universe in its progressive state, you are observing a physical demonstration of conscious expansion.

The third is where the two, the Eternal Here (consciousness) and the Eternal Now (physicality) merge into Beingness.

In the ripple effect of conscious evolution across the universe form the center point of awareness, the physical expressions of the higher dimensions would be closest to the center of physical creation. Universes are reflections of the individual processes of souls. You have the greater whole of the universe; yet, within that other little universes or galaxies explode outward.

Remembering that the universe is holographic, there are dimensions not yet fully third dimensionally expressed. As a result, the entirety of the universe shifts as this leap into the fourth dimension occurs on your planet.

Is it not true that when you drop the pebble into still water there is more than one ripple going out? Now imagine that the center point is the moment of creation and at the very center of this magnificent expression of beingness and consciousness is you. You have never moved.

You are the point of creation and beingness.

Foolhardy the philosophers who think there can be a limit to the number of souls. Foolhardy are the scientists who thinks there is an end to the universe. Beloved friends, the universe is but an expression of the conscious awareness within yourself.

As humanity peers into the depths of space, it is but a reflection of the peering within their own beings.

It is worth noting that here has never been nor will there ever be in the evolutionary process in human development, technological advances without spiritual expansion — and there cannot be spiritual expansion without technological breakthroughs.