Throughout our teachings, we have spoken of the power of your thoughts and the dominion of your consciousness in your life. Religiously and spiritually, you have been promised ultimate victory and realized goals if you have the faith or the focus to achieve them. So when disappointments occur, and they will, and tragedies trespass on your life, you have few alternatives to comfort yourself—either resigning yourself to “it was God’s will” or a failure on your part to manifest well, or perhaps just fate.

So what do you do when your dreams fall from the sky like teardrops on your life? When the irrevocable happens, death, illness or accident? Are the promises we have made or the prophets’ and masters’ contingent possibilities or spiritual bar too high to be reached? The reality is that even the masters did not get everything they wanted and were disappointed.

So that begs the question, what are disappointments’ spiritual value?

We will not insult you with either some religious rhetoric or spiritual truisms in an attempt to explain away the sadness you encounter at the loss of your dreams. Just because loss does not exist in consciousness does not mean it is not REAL and has to be coped with while reaching for that spiritual epiphany of understanding.

In addition, to be told that on some spiritual level it is for your highest good is the ultimate injury of all, making you your own worst enemy and fracturing you between what you desire and what you supposedly need. Be you an uninvested Buddhist or a spiritual activist, disappointment and defeat will drop by your door. Each philosophy would suggest a different response to them, but at best, how humanity deals with disappointment is to find a place of peace in their psyche where they can deposit their deflated dreams and return to some degree of hope for better days ahead.

So without a repetition of the litany of pacifiers offered from the orthodox to the profane, what can we add to the mix without toppling the already teetering supports for the disappointed?

Our simple answer is there are and will be disappointments in the human experience, some far greater than others, no matter how hard you pray or affirm differently. Does that mean all you have been taught or believed in is a sham? That humanity is the victim to, rather than the victor, of its reality. We are so tempted to barrage the reader at this point with the wonderment of what exists beyond the illusion, but today you live in the illusion as you look at yourself in the looking glass yearning for what lies on the other side.

So how do you give hope that is not an anesthetic to numb the human experience? We offer this and hope it does not add to or topple the litany of beliefs but supports you in your real pain.

Simply stated, neither dreams attained nor disappointments experienced are destinations but, rather, they are means to set the standards of your consciousness. The parameters of your existence are set by your response to them.

Your response to dreams and disappointments is an indicator of where you dwell in consciousness and are the standard bearers of your reality.

Though the thought of a dream fulfilled seems sweeter to the mind, they both demand an accounting of your consciousness when they occur. Your response to them is an indicator to guide your consciousness.

When your response to dreams fulfilled and disappointments experienced becomes one and the same, you have entered the realms of enlightenment and there is no longer a need for either; for, they solicit the core of your consciousness to manifest in your reality.

So when it no longer matters, it will no longer matter, and all things will be in alignment with your consciousness and the other side of the looking glass can be found in your response to them.